Acquitted of Piracy, Lost in Paris

Great article in lemonde today (in French):

The [Somali] man, aged 36, almost missed Sante prison, where he was ten days ago. At least life there offered something reassuring for this man uprooted, torn from his country by a group of French soldiers in 2008, moved to Paris a hood over his face, imprisoned for over three years as a suspected pirate, acquitted by a criminal court, Wednesday, November 30th , then thrown the same night into the streets of Paris, free but without papers, without any money and almost completely unable to speak the language. [rough translation]

Perhaps an overlooked consequence of extraterritorial prosecutions.

One Response to Acquitted of Piracy, Lost in Paris

  1. Mihary Andrianaivo says:

    Apparently, his ordeal has not been over yet!The French authorities must to repatriate this destitute free man, this is the least they have to do. I believe there is here a very serious human rights issue.

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